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What is Fotor Cloud and how to use Fotor Cloud?

Fotor users can now store all your images on the Fotor Cloud and, once you are logged into your Fotor account, you can access your photos from any computer .

After signing in, all of your uploaded photos will be stored in Fotor Cloud.

1. Under Edit click Open and upload a photo.

2. Edit your photo, click Snapshot and your edited photos are automatically saved to yourFotor Cloud.

3. Click Cloud and your uploaded photos are displayed inside the Fotor Cloud directly.

4. You can even open your edited photos from Fotor Cloud in Collage.

5. Under Design, select an image from your Fotor Cloud and add it to your Design. Additional editing options are now available to you.

6. Upgrade to Fotor Pro, use Fotor Cloud storage and access all your photos from any computer no matter where you are.

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