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Having trouble printing your images ?

Having trouble printing your images?
Having trouble getting your images to print properly from Fotor’s “Print” button (you can find it after click save)? Want to do your printing yourself but having trouble with image print quality? We understand your pain and are working on getting our print tab adjusted, but in the meantime, we have listed some methods below for printing your own material:

Printing an image smaller than sheet for printing
1. Make your creation for print in Fotor editor
2. Save to your computer
3. Open image in Word, Google Docs, Microsoft Photo Manager, etc.
4. Adjust the size and image placement to your preference
5. Print!

Printing multiple images on one sheet of paper
1. Make a creation for print in Fotor editor
2. Save to your computer
3. Open the image in Fotor Collage Maker with your selected template
4. Resize the Collage to the recommended pixel dimensions based on the size of paper you’re using. If printing on 8.5 x 11 paper, 1700 x 2200 pixels is the standard size for a good quality print.
5. Add your other edited images to the collage
6. Save your collage
7. Open saved collage in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Microsoft Photo Manager, etc., adjust margins to 0 and alignment to Center so your images all fit on the page
8. Check in print preview that you are happy with your creation.
9. Print!

For all prints, it’s recommended that your original file have at least the minimum recommended pixel dimensions of the size and dimensions you want for the printed version. If the original file is smaller than the size you wish to print, the print quality of your image will be poor. Please refer to the chart below to help size your photos.

Print size                            Image size

3×5 inches                       900 x 1500 pixels
4×6 inches                     1200 x 1800 pixels
5×7 inches                     1500 x 2100 pixels
8×8 inches                     2400 x 2400 pixels
8×10 inches                   2400 x 3000 pixels
8.5×11 inches                2550 x 3300 pixels

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