Help Fotor for web [Graphic Design] How to Use the Cloud Function?

[Graphic Design] How to Use the Cloud Function?

Fotor 2.0 provides users with storage space on the “Cloud. The images in the “Cloud” are bound to an account, which avoids tedious uploading for the same image, giving users a more convenient experience.

You can see and use any images in the cloud anywhere and at any time.

1. Upload local images to the Cloud


Click “Cloud”, select “Upload” to choose local images, and then open it.

2. Batch Processing on the Cloud


Click “Cloud” and then click the icon “三” in the upper right corner to select “Batch Processing” to choose several images to move to a folder or delete.

3. The Volume of the Cloud

In Fotor 2.0, common users enjoy a Cloud with 50MB, while pro users enjoy a Cloud with 500MB.

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