Help Fotor for web [Photo Editing] How to Use Elements in Photo Editing?

[Photo Editing] How to Use Elements in Photo Editing?

Fotor provides elements, including picture containers, basic shapes, basic linear, various styles, and themes. You can search and use elements in the design and photo editing board based on what you need.

At the same time, you can also click “Upload” to use your own elements which will be synchronized to the cloud.

1. Change element color

Click the element on the canvas. The color box in the top left corner corresponds to the different colors in the element. You can change the color in the following ways:

a. Select the color in the palette.


b. Input the hex code for a color and press Enter to apply.


2. Rotate and flip

Click the element and then click the tool in the top right to rotate the element 90° clockwise or counterclockwise and flip horizontally or vertically.

3. Collect elements

You can collect your favorite elements. Move your mouse pointer to the element and click the gold star to save it to “My Favorites”.

The collected elements will be shown in “My Favorites”. You can click it to apply it to your canvas quickly or delete it.

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