Help Fotor for web How to Use MY FAVORITES and RECENTLY USED Tabs in Stickers

How to Use MY FAVORITES and RECENTLY USED Tabs in Stickers

Convenience is something Fotor has always been creating for its customers and recently Fotor has added two quite handy features to Stickers.


If you find any sticker you like under Sticker menu, just move your mouse to that sticker and a golden star will appear on the upper right corner.

The sticker will automatically be saved to MY FAVORITES after one simple click of the golden star.

What if you do not like the existing sticker gallery and want to create something different? Fotor even allows users to save customized stickers to MY FAVORITES.

For example, click the color palette and choose any color you like.

After you’re done with the adjustment, just click the star near the color palette bar and the current settings of your own sticker will be added to MY FAVORITES tab.

Color changing is not the only adjustment you could do to a sticker before saving it to MY FAVORITES tab. You can even drop a shadow or rotate it and save the adjustment as well.

And this also applies to transparency.

So the next time you want to use your own sticker there’s no need to do the same work again which saves considerable time and effort.

If you do not want to keep one particular sticker in MY FAVORITES anymore, just move your mouse to that sticker and click “×” in the upper right corner.



Now after signed in, Fotor will save the stickers you’ve used under the RECENTLY USED tab, which will save you lots of time and efforts for you to locate the stickers you prefer.

These two new features will greatly reduce the time you need to search a particular sticker and result in increased efficiency in your work. Experience these features today!


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