Help Fotor for web [Graphic Design] How to Save and Download the Designs?

[Graphic Design] How to Save and Download the Designs?

1. Save

For the same design file, click “Save” to save it into “All My Work”.

2. Preview

Click the “Preview” button under the file to check what it looks like.

Preview a Gif:

3. Rename


a. Click the icon […] in the upper corner of the file and select the “Rename” function;

b. Click the name under the file to change it.

4. Export


Click the “Export” button above the editing interface, choose the “File Format”, and then click the “Download” button.

File Format: Fotor 2.0 supports 5 file formats, including Normal JPG, high resolution JPG, High Resolution PNG, Normal PDF and High Resolution PDF.

You can choose the file format according to what you need.

a. Normal JPG: smaller, compatible format;

b. High Resolution JPG: Clear, compatible format;

c. High Resolution PNG: high resolution without losing quality;

d. Normal PDF: saving multiple pages is supported;

e. High Resolution PDF: high resolution file, supporting multiple pages and printing.

5. Save with a Transparent Background


Select the file format “High Resolution PNG” and check “Transparent Background”.

Notice: “Transparent Background” is only supported by the “High Resolution PNG”.

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