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How to instantly remove image backgrounds?

Get a transparent background with just a few clicks.

1. Under Edit module, select Open and upload your image.

2. Select the MAGIC CLIPPER tool under Basic.

3. Use Retain Brush to mark the areas you want to keep as displayed in the example photo.

4. Use Removal Brush to mark the areas you want to delete.

5. Zoom in to inspect the results, and apply brushstrokes as necessary.

6. Use Eraser tool to remove excess imagery.

7. When the object you want to retain meets your satisfaction, click Apply to see the results.

8. With Soft edges, you can easily feather the edges of clipped imagery and make it more natural.

9. Mark √ After apply crop the clipping, the clipped imagery can be saved to minimum area.

10. Click Save, and select jpg if you want a white background.

Select png, if you want a transparent background.

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