Help Fotor for web [Graphic Design] How to Design with Elements?

[Graphic Design] How to Design with Elements?

Fotor 2.0 provides a large number of elements within the Design, including Image Shapes, Lines Patterns, and Stickers, etc, which can help you create awesome graphics.

1. Elements Search

Click Elements and enter a keyword in the search box to search for the stickers you want.


2. Image Shapes

a. Click Elements

b. Click Image Shapes

c. Choose the shape you want to

d. Drag the picture into the shape

e. Double-click on the image to add effects or flip the picture.



PS: The picture put in the container can be enlarged without distortion and blur.


3. Change Element Color

a. Click Elements

b. Select a sticker in the left sidebar

c. Click the Color Palette on the upper left of the canvas

d. Select the color you want to apply.


4. Collect Elements

Move your mouse pointer to the element and click the gold star to save it to “My Favorites”.


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