Help Fotor for web How to automatically resize your design?

How to automatically resize your design?

After you have completed your design in one dimension, you can easily resize it.

Let’s take a template from Youtube Channel Art for example.

1. Click Resize on the bottom of your canvas, and select the preset size you want to apply to your new design.

Or scroll to the bottom of the list, and choose Custom Size.

Since Fotor applies these changes automatically, you may need to further optimize the result after the design has been generated successfully.

Following the successful generation of your new design, it is rendered in a new tab. Click View now to see it.

2. Once you have selected the correct size for your new design, click Apply to a new design. Your new design is rendered in a new tab.

3. If you require muliple sizes for your design, then keep this page open. You can select any size you want and apply, review and preview the results on this page. Click Apply to a new design and generate new ones.

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