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1.1. How to Use Frames

A variety of frames are available in Fotor.

Click Frames. Select a frame type, and click Apply to add a frame to your image.

1.2. Setting the Frame Color

Click BORDERS. Click a frame of your choice. Select a color for your frame, and click Apply to save it.


If you want to totally rock your images, you can customize a patterned frame. Click SHADOW and adjust Border Size, Fade, Angle, Distance, Shadow color, Background color, and Transparent to perfect your frame. If you want a  frame with a fixed pattern, don’t adjust any of the parameters.

1.4. Polaroid

The Polaroid frame presents your photo in a polaroid-style format. Click POLAROID, and adjust Outer Size, Inner Size, Round Corners, Caption Size, Outer Color, and Inner Color to customize the various dimensions of your frame.

1.5. Add Photo Frames To MY FAVORITES

Hover your mouse over any frame category and a Gold Star appears in the upper right corner, Add to “My Favorites”. Click on the Gold Star and the category is added to MY FAVORITES!


Clicking Snapshot, at any time during the EDITING process, saves your current image to the Cloud.


Click Save to download an edited image.

Clicking Sync to Fotor Cloud, saves the image to the Cloud.

You can download JPGs in Normal and High quality mode. The PNG format can only be downloaded in High quality format.

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