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[Other] Fotor 2.0 Version Features

Fotor 2.0 is introducing new and optimized features for Editor and Design, making them even easier than ever before and helping you get what you need out of graphic creation. With more features, templates, and fonts all conveniently available on the upgraded User Interface, you can design more professional projects and spend less time on them than ever before!


The Editor page, with its more compact interface, helps enhance photos. You can access all advanced editing tools, turning your ordinary image into a masterpiece. Image Cutout, 200+ Effects, Beauty Retouching, and other advanced editing features.



1. New Templates


A variety of styles and types for PowerPoint templates to meet different needs of work and life. Business plans, social media content, training courses, thesis defense, resumes, holiday celebrations, and other applications.

Instagram Story

Instagram Stories help you create a style for branding. Keeping a consistent theme makes it easier to create images for Stories, so you do not have to reinvent the wheel every time you create a new one.


Professional business reports on various industries provide you with an annual perspective on your company’s finances. Travel, fashion, bakery, architecture, and technology report templates for you to choose from.

And More

100,000 + templates, stickers, and fonts have been added to give you even more options and enrich your design on visual and content than ever before. Everyone can effortlessly create awesome graphics! Want more options? You will receive a similar template that will be recommended if you do not find anything you like. Tumblr Graphics, photo collages, brochures, newsletters, marketing proposals, announcements, event programs, and other materials.

2. Photo Gallery

Millions of free and premium high-quality licensed photos you can choose to create beautiful designs. You do not have to worry about image copyrights anymore.

3. Folder

Manages your pieces and photos with folders and makes them organized. You can categorize your work into folders based on your design types and applications, or you can upload your photos even SVG and save them in folders. All of your content will be permanently saved on our massive cloud storage. With one Fotor account, you can have up to six folders.

4. Size Adjustment

Resizes images into different sizes easily for all occasions. With Fotor 2.0, in addition to adjusting the sizes and angles of your clips, you can resize the current canvas directly, and the size of the clips will automatically change to match the canvas.

5. File Format Support

Free to download as PNG that offers a transparent background image and HD PDFs for the best printing experience.

6. More New Features


The left sidebar of the canvas can be folded up to enjoy a larger canvas.

Editing fonts, elements, images, colors, and more no longer covers the canvas area.


Optimizing material classifications and presentations, you can find your desired stickers more easily.


New font search function to find the fonts you need even more quickly.

The downloaded fonts can be previewed in real-time when switching fonts.

Support for the top, bottom, center, and low alignments in the text box.


Support for configuring member fonts.


Supports adding Gaussian blur to pictures. When you want to use the image as a background, you can use the Gaussian blur to quickly blur the image.


The new right-click menu makes it even easier and faster to select elements on the canvas.


The material’s box has been changed to a partial box selection.


Remembers the parameters you’ve set for shadows, strokes, and highlight text colors to conveniently recall next time.


Image Shape and Grid

Adding more image grids to make a photo collage.

Drag and drop images to a photo grid to easily make a photo collage.


Add some high-frequency shortcut keys to improve your operating efficiency.


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