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Select the Effect you desire and click Apply to save your changes.

On the slider bar, adjust the intensity to your liking.


With this feature, you can highlight specific elements of an image by adding and color, Elements outside the COLOR SPLASH are retained in black and white.

Click COLOR SPLASH, adjust your Size and Intensity sliders, click the area of the image you wish to retain color and brush for the effect. Click Apply to save your changes.

Click the Eraser and brush over the selection you’ve colored and it will revert to black and white.

Tick Switch, and the COLOR SPLASH is reversed. The section of the image where COLOR SPLASH was applied is now black and white, and the rest of the picture is now colored.

Click “Apply” to save your adjustments.


TILT-SHIFT blurs a section of your photo by selective focus on other aspects of it.

Select Circular or Linear format, and position the format frame over the area of the image you wish to retain focus. The section of the image that remains outside the frame is blurred.

Adjust the Size and Blur Intensity slider bars to increase or decrease the area covered by the frame.

TILT SHIFT Blur allows you to effect the exact spot you wish to sharpen within an image. You can adjust the Size, Brush Intensity, and Blur Intensity sliders to fine-tune aspects of TILT SHIFT Blur.

The Eraser tool reverts the sharpen and adds the blur effect again.

2.4. Go Art

GoArt AI photo effect will turn your photos into classical painting style artworks within few clicks.

You can TRY IT NOW.

Add your photo per instructions, and select your photo effect from the thumbnails displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can adjust the intension as well.

2.5. Add Photo Effects to “My Favorites

Hover your mouse over any effect category and a Gold Star appears in the upper right corner, Add to “My Favorites”. Click on the Gold Star and the category is added to MY FAVORITES!

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