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1.1. 1-TAP ENHANCE. Click 1-TAP ENHANCE to improve your overall image quality with just one click.

1.2. MAGIC CLIPPER: Remove selected image elements with just a few clicks.


1. Use Retain Brush to mark the areas you wish to keep as displayed in the example photo below.

2. Use Removal Brush to mark the areas you want to delete.

3. Zoom in to inspect the results.

4. Click the Apply to save your adjustments.

Fine-tune Brush Size and Soft edges as necessary.

Note: The greater the contrast between clipped sections and the background, the more effective the results.

1.3. CROP

With this feature, you can remove part of an image effectively reducing clutter and unwanted content.

1. Click the CROP tab to open the feature.

2. Click the Freeform drop-down menu to select preset crop settings to apply to your image.

3. Or enter a custom size of your own choosing in the width and height boxes. Check Keep Proportions if you wish to keep your dimensions proportionate.

4. Click Apply to save your changes.


With this feature, you can rotate your image and easily correct photo angles.

1. Click the ROTATE tab to open the feature.

2. Rotate the image left or right.

3. Flip an image vertically or horizontally.

4. You can also Straighten a photo while cropping. The image will be resized automatically.

1.5. Basic Adjustment

Under BASIC, drag the slider across the intensity bar to adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Sharpness.


Under FINE-TUNE, drag the slider across the intensity bar to adjust image Exposure, Highlights, and Shadows

1.7. Color Adjustment

Under Color, drag the slider across the intensity bar to adjust image Temperature and Tint.


Under VIGNETTE, drag the slider across the intensity bar and adjust Intensity to your liking.

1.9. Curves

In image editing, a curve is a remapping of image tonality. CURVES can be applied to all RGB channels together in an image, or to each channel individually.

Under Curves, click RGB and select the RGB (Red, Green, or Blue ) channel you wish to effect. and adjust the Curve accordingly, RGB by RGB. Alternatively, if you adjust the Curve without an RGB selected, all of the channels will be adjusted simultaneously.

Drag the points in the Curve to adjust the tones. Click Reset to undo any adjustments.

1.10. RESIZE

With this feature, you can adjust the width and height of your image without cropping the edges, or removing content from your image. We also provide an option to maintain the original proportions of an image.

1. Click RESIZE tab to open the feature.

2. Enter the dimensions you require in the width and height boxes.

3. Clicking the Lock icon will retain your original dimension and resize the image proportionally.

4. You can enter the measurements in pixels or percentages.

5. Click “Apply” to save your adjustments.

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