Fotor’s Affiliate Program
How do I get affiliate banners and links?

Once your affiliate application is approved you’ll be able to access the banners and links in your affiliate dashboard to promote Fotor.

How do I get started?

You can sign up on our affiliate page here through ShareASale, after which we would review your application and get in touch with you following the approval of your application.

What is Fotor’s Affiliate Program?

Fotor’s Affiliate Program allows you to earn money simply by placing our tracking text link or a banner on your website or other web spaces. We can track every purchase coming from your site and provide you a certain percentage of commission share. B...

What type of marketers are most successful in Fotor’s affiliate program?

Fotor offers online photo editing and graphic designing solutions for photographers, graphic designers, marketers and small business owners. Blogs or websites on photography and designing would be a natural fit for Fotor’s affiliate program.

How do I keep track of my performance?

You can access the reporting function on our affiliate network partner for a full breakdown on sales, commissions and more. Each action taken(clicks, conversions etc. ) would be tracked and reported back to you.

How much can I earn as an affiliate partner of Fotor?

It depends on how much traffic you can generate and how engaged is your audience. Below is our offering and pricing for your reference. - A whopping 35% commission for first purchase- A further 25% for every subscription renewal in the first year- A ...

How do I get paid?

The payments are sent out via Check or Direct Deposit through ShareASale. Please check the link below for more info on payment questions. http://blog. shareasale. com/2014/04/04/affiliate-payment-faqs/

How does one increase affilate profits?

Structuring your adversiting in a way to attract your readers is always the best way. Writing a good review and including a banner or homepage ad are both great ideas. Once you choose a strategy, tweak and tailor it for the best results, maximising y...

What affiliate networks does Fotor work with?

At the moment ShareASale is the only affiliate network we’re working with. You could sign up here to become our affiliate partner.


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