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What' new on Fotor for Windows!

​​What's New in Version 3. 0 02/23/2016 New feature allowing to create a collage with custom aspect ratios. New packs of special effects / filters: Disposable, Cinematic, Serenity and Mono. New content for collage: textures, backgrounds and bo...

Why can't I upload my photos?

Fotor supports loading all pic formats that Mac OS X systems support. If your image cannot be loaded by Fotor, double-click to open the picture, if it cannot be opened by system, which means your Mac OS X system does not support this image format. You ...

Listed Cameras supported by Fotor (RAW file)

AgfaPhoto DC-833mApple QuickTake 100Apple QuickTake 150Apple QuickTake 200AVT F-080CAVT F-145CAVT F-201CAVT F-510CAVT F-810CCanon PowerShot 600Canon PowerShot A5Canon PowerShot A5 ZoomCanon PowerShot A50Canon PowerShot A460 (CHDK hack)Canon PowerShot... http://j. mp/1axGthh

images Compression in Fotor Windows 32-bit version

The Windows 32-bit version of Fotor will compress images automatically. This is to:1. Speed up processing. 2. Reduce your PC’s memory consumption, and improve performance. 3. Enhance general stability.

Export photos to iPhoto (only for Fotor desktop version 2.0.3).

Click on the "File" menu in the Menu Bar and select "Export to iPhoto" in the pull-down menu. You can also use a shortcut: Shift + Command + I.


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