Fotor for Android
How do you delete pictures created in Fotor?

For now, Fotor doesn't support deleting photos from Fotor application directly. If you didn't change the save path, you can find your photos in the Gallery and a folder named Fotor_PES; if you changed it, please find the photos from the folder you cr...

Not working while editing large sized pictures.

The maximum image quality of Fotor is 12mp. This means that any picture taken with your smartphone can be edited by Fotor. If the photo is taken by something other than your phone camera, You can edit the photo using Fotor. com, Fotor's desktop softwar...

The new update now force-closes the app when opened.

It might because your mobile device is not compatible with the latest version of Fotor. To figure out the problem, please tell us what your mobile device is, app version and OS version. We will try our best to solve the problem. You can download the ol...

The saved photos are not showing up correctly in album.

There is a minor bug in the process of saving pictures. If the picture doesn’t save immediately, please wait a few seconds and try again. If the interface jumps to Homepage or Camera when saving the pictures, your phone may not be able to handle the a...

How to turn off the notification message from Fotor app

Here we take a Samsung device for example. Select Setting on your smartphone→ Application manager→find Fotor app in the App info→do not choose Show notifications.

I've won the competition, how do I claim my prize?

If you win a competition, normally, we will send you an email notifying you and also you will receive a message in your Fotor APP's mail box. Then please contact us at support@fotor. com, we will send you a digital signature, and ask you for PayPal det...

I’ve installed Fotor on my iPad or other tablet, but some features don’t seem to work properly.

Fotor for tablet is a new product and we are still fine-tuning many of the features to work on your tablet. Please stay tuned for updates as we will be working on fixing all tablet-related problems in the near future.

How to register a Fotor account on the Fotor app?

Open Fotor→Click the mark in picture 1It will skip to Login page directly Press return button in your phone→Then you will see the sign up pageSign up Fotor account with Your Facebook or email address→Click Log in

How to join your photo competitions ?

After installing and opening either version of the mobile app, simply enter the "Events" column, choose an ongoing competition and begin uploading your photos. Remember, you need to register with Fotor first, then you can upload images to competition...


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