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Have problem in webpage loading?

Our website is based on the latest flash technology for purpose of best performance and memory efficiency. This new technology will greatly reduce the probability of crash when you edit big size image (up to 2500*2500 pixels). When you have problem in...

Is there a way to add a font to the font choices?

In Edit and Collage, Fotor "Texts" mode will load your computer's fonts. If you want to add some other types of fonts, just install the fonts on your computer. But in Design, you can only use the fonts we provided.

How can I resize collages?

1. You can resize the collage by choosing the exact size options. 2. Click the lock icon to change the proportion of the collage. You can enter any sizes you want. 3. Change the size under the lock status and original proportion.

How to save edited photos?

1. Click the "Save" button. 2. You can change "File name" and "Format" (. jpg/. png), then click "Save"3. Choose a file location and save it. 4. You can also click "download it", and the file will be saved at default download folder location in your bro...

How to use Photo Card feature?

Celebrate the holidays, share life events, congratulate those you love, or simply remind someone you're thinking of them with custom photo cards from Fotor! Our templates offer a fast and easy way to turn your photos into beautiful memories. Step 1. C...

How do I delete my Fotor account?

If you'd really like to leave us (sniff sniff...), you can click here to delete your account. http://www. fotor. com/Setting/CloseAccountIn order to prevent people from deleting other users' accounts, you must sign in first! We would send you an email w...

FAQ concerning Fotor's subscription

Why should I subscribe to a premium pack?Fotor’s premium pack options provide you with greater content and advanced features. To get the best photo editing and graphic design experience, you should upgrade your account to maximize your creative exper...

Having trouble printing your images?

Having trouble printing your images?Having trouble getting your images to print properly from Fotor’s "Print" button (you can find it after click save)? Want to do your printing yourself but having trouble with image print quality? We understand your...

Fotor's Forums is officially closed

Due to some changes and future planning about Fotor, we’ve decided to close our Forum after careful consideration. Thanks for your help and support to Fotor’s forum! We Fotor here would love to express our sincere gratitude to all the Fotorains! You ca...

Why can't I use my Facebook account to sign up Fotor?

If your Facebook has been registered with a telephone number, you may experience difficulty signing up. This can be resolved in two ways:1. Complete your email address information in your Facebook. 2. Sign up with your email address.


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