Fotor for iPhone
How do I get started with Fotor?

Well, it depends on what you want to do! When you open up Fotor you have the options to open the Camera, Editor or join our Event feature. Choose the camera if you want to take a new photo, choose the edit button to edit, or click "Event" to join our...

Alright, I've got my photo and I'm in the editor! Now what?

Now the fun is just beginning! Go ahead and start editing your photo! There are tools to crop, adjust colors, rotate, add filters, borders, and even tilt-shift! There are a ton of things you can do with Fotor, the only limit is your imagination!

I want to share my creation with the world! Where do I start?

Well, the world is a pretty ambitious goal! Let's get you started by sharing to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, and anyone with an email address by clicking the Share and Save button. Now select the platforms you want to share to! Wasn't that...

Some effects, stickers, fonts have been removed, can I still access them?

Fotor will occasionally remove various effects and stickers which are not often in use. We do this to improve our APP's performance and usability. If you did not download those deleted items in old version, I am sorry to let you know that they're not ...

Image quality is reduced after editing/sharing.

The maximum image quality of Fotor is 8mp but if you are using an iPhone 4 or older as well as an iTouch 5, the maximum image quality is 5mp. If your photo is reduced to less than the corresponding size in relation to your device, please follow the s...

How do I access my Album? I could not access my Album.

Please follow the steps below to give the app access to your photos:Choose Settings→PrivacyPhotos Switch Fotor on

How to join your photo competitions?

After installing and opening either version of the mobile app, simply enter the "Events" column, choose an ongoing competition and begin uploading your photos. Remember, you need to register with Fotor first, then you can upload images to competition...

Fotor is not supported in my language but the default language in the app is not English or my own language. How do I switch back to English?

Please follow the steps below to change the language:Close Fotor and go to Settings -> General -> International -> Language -> English. Relaunch Fotor. Now the default language for Fotor will be English and you can go back and change your...

How to register a Fotor account on the Fotor app?

Open Fotor→Click the mark in picture 1It will skip to Login page directly Press return button in your phone→Then you will see the sign up pageSign up Fotor account with Your Facebook or email address→Click Log in

How to find the Settings with the new Fotor version?

Open Fotor, and click avatar to access "setting" section → Click the mark in picture 2 → Here is the Setting


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