Have problem in webpage loading?

Our website is based on the latest flash technology for purpose of best performance and memory efficiency. This new technology will greatly reduce the probability of crash when you edit big size image (up to 2500*2500 pixels).
When you have problem in loading, we suggest that you can refresh the page to check whether it works.

If you still encounter the problem, please follow the below instructions:

1. Clear the cookies and caches, refresh the fotor.com page(For Chrome Users).

Step 1: Choose browser's “Setting” option.

Step 2: Choose "Clear browsing data" under "Privacy".

Step 3: Choose "Empty the cache" and click "Clear browsing date" in pop up window.

Step 4: Reload Fotor.com, done!

2. Please update the adobe flash player and your browser to the latest version. 

Why should we update our FlashPlayer?
The version of flash player you are currently using really matters. We strongly recommend that you download and install the latest version of FlashPlayer and experience the change made by Fotor.

Please kindly follow the step-by-step guidance that can be found at the official website of Adobe:

We see 97% of Fotor users have been updated to the new version of FlashPlayer.

We strongly recommend that you can use the latest version of chrome as your browser when you are using Fotor.com.

Chrome has a better compatibility with Fotor.com. Install a Chrome browser will probably not only clear the problem you encountered at the new fotor.com, but also smooth out some other problems when you visit many other sites. Please click here to download: http://www.google.com/chrome/

3. If you installed ad block plugins on your browser , please try to close it as it may prevent flash loading.

4.In order to unleash the stress of your computer, you can try to avoid opening too many tabs in your browser.

Thank You

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